Alice Lancaster is a self-taught painter and animal rights advocate known for her humorous and colorful explorations of female sexuality, body and mind. Lancaster typically works from photographs, some she’s taken herself, and her subjects range from close friends to strangers with imagined stories. Pop-culture has been a major influence on her work, especially television shows like Seinfeld and The Dick Cavett Show. Lancaster is always experimenting with shape and color, often pushing her figures into complete abstraction and forcing the viewer to search for the figure in a sea of lines. She also works as a designer creating murals, package and clothing design. Some of her clients include Calvin Klein, Sweetgreen and American Apparel. She has been featured in Vogue, W, and Nylon Magazines to name a few. She currently lives and works in New York City.

All paintings and drawings are for sale unless otherwise stated.
They can be purchased by sending a message to Alice which includes the title of the piece as well as your contact information.
PayPal, Venmo, cash and checks are all accepted.

8 x 10 prints of all the artworks are available to purchase directly on this website for $45, but if you would like a larger print send Alice a message. Shipping not included

Price List
8 x 10 $45
11 x 14 $65
16 x 20 $125
20 x 24 $150

Message Alice if you would like to schedule a studio visit.